We all know that the Irish summer can be a whimsical thing and sunshine is never promised. It’s tempting to step out and let your skin soak up the rays at every opportunity, or head overseas to chase the rays, without considering the damage the sun can inflict. You can still achieve the summer look while protecting your skin by following our 9 top tips. Enjoy the sun kissed look and leave the sunburn behind by making SPF your BFF!

If you’re using SPF on your face every day, you might as well choose one that can help with your other issues too. Have dark spots, pick one that contains lightening agents and helps with pigmentation. Have red prone or sensitive skin, choose one with anti-inflammatory ingredients. Avene Mineral Fluid SPF50 is specifically designed for us sensitive types.

Think because you live in Ireland you can skip SPF on rainy days? Na ah! The sun’s damaging effects are still at work, regardless of the weather. Put sunscreen on exposed areas 20 minutes before leaving the house rain, hail or shine. One application a day Parasol Suncare SPF20 is just the ticket.